November 5, 2014

Today I met a man name Shawn.  He seemed dazed and confused.  I asked him if he needed help.  He said " I am looking for a home and a job."  I know that Price Pro is linked to the John Volken Academy, formally known as Welcome Home.  I walked with him outside and was giving him directions to the location.  It is a 10 minute walk from where we were and as I was describing the establishment another young man named Simran said "I am looking for a home as well."  I shared with both men the location and also provided resources in our community that would offer them support and hopefully a solution to what they were looking for.  

At times like these, I often like to share with my network the importance of giving and showing compassion.  When we ask "How can I help" we are allowing people the opportunity to show their vulnerability and to share their needs.  We all have needs, wants and desires, however, sometimes our skills and supports are limited.  
It was important for me to share this with you because we all trip and fall, it is how we support one another during the falls.  

I wish you all a Grateful afternoon.


Paula MilbradtComment