Cookies for Cancer


Apart from the regular day in and day out part of my job, I try to encourage the children and my team to come up with creative ways to raise awareness in our community in regards to giving back.  
Yesterday a couple of the7 year old girls decided to make a sign to donate money to cancer.  They found a box and painted it pink and then added pink ribbons to it, similar to breast cancer awareness.  They did this all on their own.  The box was ready today and I wanted to learn more about their vision so I asked the girls how they came up with the idea.  One of the girls said that they had heard people talking about raising money for cancer and that they wanted to help.  I asked how they wanted to raise money.  They answered " sell heart shape cookies".  I asked how much should we charge for each cookie " $1.00" they said proudly.  I said okay...this triggered some other girls to join the conversation and soon we had 6 girls engaged in conversation about what should happen next.  They said that they will bake the cookies on April 4th and they will sell them on Tuesday April 5th.  They said that they should make a sign and then decided that one of them would write an article in the Daily News ( in house newspaper )  The girls who "run" the newspaper had over heard what was happening and suggested that we go deliver newspapers to the children at CHEO and the cookies.  "They won't have to pay for the cookies because they will be for the kids".  Words cannot describe my emotions.  My eyes were filled with tears of joy and I am so very proud of the group of children that I work with.  I will keep you all posted of the outcome.  I did some research and I am not sure if we can deliver cookies, but we will find some way to connect with the kids at CHEO, I promise!!!!!

Remember to show kindness every day.  It doesn't have to be anything big, a simple random act!  
Your local food bank would love a donation today! ;)

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