Cookies For Cancer

On June 3, 2011 the children who participated in Cookies for Cancer took an OC Transpo bus ride to The Ottawa Hospital to present the funds raised to the Radiation Centre.  Sandy was the nurse who gave us the tour and the children seemed amazed to see where patients receive care.  The children seemed most interested in the equipment and the masks that the children wear during their treatments.  This tour impacted me more than I expected.  My cousin had ovarian cancer, my dear friend died of a brain tumour, my best friend's mother died of Ovarian Cancer, my best friend's father died of esophageal cancer and so on and so on....we must remember those who we have lost and who are experiencing this awful disease.  We must remember that our Journeys are so very important and how we choose to live this journey impacts those around us.  How do you want to be remembered?  This trip to the Hospital was unlike any other.  I have been reminded to Cherish those you love, be kind to those who you just meet and come into contact with.  Kindness, Love and Support are just a few of the characteristics that I hope that I offer to those around me.  I am real, human and choose to embrace life with a positive outlook and I choose to love with all of my heart.  

Paula MilbradtComment