Food is Not Art


I want to discuss the use of food in your child care programs or in your home for ART or SENSORY.  BC has the highest rate of Poverty in Canada.  You should also know that until there is no longer food insecurity,  you should refrain from using food in your sensory bin or on your art shelf.  Here is a story I would like for you to consider.  A teacher had left a mother and her child in her room.  Upon her return she found the mother sweeping up the rice that had fallen out of the bin.  The mother put the rice in a bag and put it in her purse.  Please consider this story the next time you grab a bag of rice and put in your bin.  Also, please consider the pasta that you choose to spray paint or use as collage material. 

Compassion and consideration is so very important.  Both very important virtues for your children to know and cherish. 

The Food Bank is always looking for non perishable donations, so instead of using the pasta for preschool, bring it to the food bank :)


With much admiration, love and kindness.



Paula MilbradtComment