We are coming to the end of another year.  It is always good to reflect and look forward to the possibilities of the upcoming year. 

What I look forward to is sharing my experiences and expertise with other professionals and parents who work directly with children.  There comes a time when you have to challenge yourself to challenge others.  Social emotional development is under estimated.  Most people focus on academics as soon as a child hits 3 years of age.  I guess people just automatically assume that if you can speak, use the toilet and run you are now expected to "know" your numbers, read and do math....Although you would think that adults would appreciate and value that children's brains are still developing and there is no physical way for children to understand letters or numbers and there functions.  There are stages of cognitive and social development, and these stages are imperative for healthy brain development.  I hear often "my child knows her ABC's or they know how to count"....they also know "twinkle twinkle little star".  The reason they "know" their letters is because of their memory.  Which is located in the Limbic system; which in turn is the social emotional side of the brain.  I want to challenge you.  I want you to look at the expectations that you put on your child.  Did you expect your infant to walk right away ( like Bambi) or did you appreciate that they needed to learn that skill.....it is the same for reading, writing and functions.  This is a stage.....age 7  :)  Let's not hurry our children...Let's allow them the opportunity to explore and have this time of wonder and explore.  You have had the years to do so, so now it is their turn. ..

Discovery, exploration and positive healthy relationships foster brain development and self esteem and self image....

Enjoy the early years....they will be in school working for the rest of their lives!  Let them be outside...let them have imagination and creativity.....Let them BE!!! 

Paula MilbradtComment