Kiss My Hand


Day 1: Kiss My Hand
I am on an incredible journey with some Preschool children.  I will be working with 4 different groups of children for the next two weeks.  Today was Day 1 and it was all about Exploring and getting to know the children.  Natural Pod has furnished the Preschool room that I will be working in and that in itself is exciting. 
The morning class seemed really excited about the puppets, cars and blocks.  The children who were exploring the blocks moved onto the cars and so I asked them if they needed a road for their cars and they all agreed that they did.  I asked them what they would need to make a road.  I took a group of children to the resource room and asked them what they would need.  They said black paper.  I asked them what colour they would like to make the lines with, and one of the girls said "any colour other than black."  Very clever :)  We also found some carpet pieces so the children used those for their roads. 
Our journey together has started.  Where this road will lead us, only time will tell.
 Later, I took some children outside to the hill where they ran up and down, testing their lungs and voices....Evan fell earlier on the slide, but said "don't worry, I am okay."  So brave.  While running he fell and his hands landed on the frosty grass.  He approached me with his hands extended.  "Are you okay" I asked as I held his hands in mine.  His response "Kiss my hand." 

I left today feeling inspired by this statement.  I believe that children need to feel empowered and to explore, take safe risks and feel safe in doing so.  Although Evan has only just met me, he felt he could take some risks, but ask for nurturing and care. 

Your children are so impressionable, impressive and inspiring. 

I look forward to the next 9 days.  Stay tuned!!!!

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