Mud Pies


Today I was at a ball tournament and the children were happily playing in the mud, saying "let's make mud pies" ....they were both very excited and content.  One of the parents said "you don't have any extra clothes here, so try not to get dirty in the mud."  

I often wonder where the parent is coming from so without judgment, I think maybe they have a lot of laundry to do, or they just are concerned that the mud won't come out of the clothes.  The parenting coach in me wants to offer a rebuttal from the child's prospective.  "All I want to do is make mud pies and the mud will come out".  

If the child gets dirty how is this going to impact the parent.  Parents, I ask you to stop and think before you limit your child's creativity and fun.  It would be like me saying to the softball player ( dad) " you don't have any extra ball gloves, so be sure to use it properly" .....We set children up to fail or feel bad all the time...why???  Maybe you feel that it is your job to keep them clean and neat.  Maybe you feel people will think that you are not a good parent if your child is dirty????...

Please ask yourself....what is my intention behind my statement to my child....

Let your child play with mud!  Let them explore and have a good time....let yourself have fun too :)))


Paula MilbradtComment