Day 2:  Tuesday/Thursday group

Today was a day where I remembered how important resiliency is for young children.  What is resiliency?  It is the ability for children to be able to cope under most normal situations.  The importance of our encouragement for resiliency is detrimental to their later confidence and ability to cope in uncomfortable social situations. 

I took a small group of children outside.  It was drizzling and the ground was wet.  There were a few children dressed appropriately, boots, hats etc., but there were some that only had shoes on.  We jumped over puddles, well some of us walked through them :)  but we were all happy....We explored the trees and learned how important they are to us. 
On our way back to the room, two children were running on the grass and they slipped and fell.  The ground was wet and muddy and it made their clothes soiled.  One girl was in shock and she started to cry.  I thought at first she was hurt.  When I asked "are you hurt" she said with tears in her eyes and an expression of terror "NO"....I asked "are your feelings hurt because you got dirty?"  She replied with "Yes"......As she continued to cry and be distraught, I asked her "do you have a washing machine at home?" "Yes"...she replied with a smile, but the tears still fell.  I asked her "How can I help you through this?"  She replied  with a smile "I am going to be okay."  "There you go." I responded and we headed inside. 

As an adult it is important to acknowledge children, their feelings and view points, but support them with kindness, rationale and honesty.  When the children you care for become upset, ask questions, support their confidence by allowing them to figure out the outcome. 

How do you promote resiliency in the children you care for? 

More to follow and thank you for reading my Blog...

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