Terrible Two's


I love it when I hear people use this phrase.  Okay here is the deal, children are never terrible, well their choices may be, but that is what a toddler needs.  Choices!!!  These choices should make the child feel as though they have made the biggest decision of their lives.  Even if it is choosing their own hat for the day.  Toddlers, need autonomy not doubt and need to feel as though they are valued.  Choices offer a toddler the opportunity to explore their world as though they were a giant.
 The choices should be ones that you the parent or educator are comfortable with.  Toddlers, crave boundaries and reasons why things are they way they are so talk to your child and tell them your reasoning.  If it is a safety concern, explain that to them.  They are receptive.  They may not have all of the words to express themselves, but they will get it!!!  
Post a question or a comment if you have anything else to add or ask :)  Have a great day exploring!!!!

Paula MilbradtComment