I wanted to share how valuable and impressionable you are as a parent, teacher, educator, coach and mentor.  Often times we work with or have children because we "LOVE" children or had an experience in our lives that inspired us to "HELP" children. 

I want to highlight how important YOU are and how we show up for children impacts their social and emotional development. 

I believe that if you feel you are WORTHY,   you will view children as "COMPETENT" and thus creating "CONFIDENT" children.

If you feel you are "BEAUTIFUL" you will view children as "CREATIVE" and thus fostering PROBLEM SOLVING within young children.

If you feel you are "KIND" then you will foster "COMPASSION" within young children thus supporting "EMPATHY".

YOU are as important as the children you serve.  Self awareness and being OPEN to your potential, will contribute to your development and personal growth. 

Contribution to children, community and family allows you to feel CONFIDENT.

Enjoy your day with JOY and LOVE for yourself and those around you.




Paula MilbradtComment