Love is the center of our truest selves and it thrives on acceptance and appreciation.  Love has the power to heal and releases the need to control or make children images of us.  

How do you allow yourself to connect deeply?

How do you show love through acts of kindness?

How do you accept and appreciate the ones you love?

How do you self care and love yourself? 

When asking yourselves these questions, think about how you would like children to answer these same questions. 

How do your interactions and routines impact their future relationships?   

Children, young people, adults and seniors all need social connections and routines. 

Routines that allow for social connections offer security and love.  These routines need to have interactions that allow for all to be heard and to share.  Having a sense of belonging and community allows for trust to develop.  When children feel trust and secure they will hold onto compassion and empathy later on in life. Eye contact, child and adult play time, bath and meals are wonderful ways to build healthy attachments. 

Children like adults also need to have a sense of Autonomy and the ability to do things for themselves, however, also need security and boundaries that make sense to them.  Often times children will feel powerful and then are told "no" for no reason thus confusing them and feeling that the adult is the only one in control.  Children also need a sense of control, this control allows for validation and encourages them to be free thinkers and problem solvers. 

Social development is in my opinion, the most important part of the child's holistic development.  Our memories are stored in the social part of the brain so experiences, and opportunities really impact our outcome later on in life. 

Most parents and people who work with children would like them to be happy and successful later on in life.  What is happiness? 

Love, kindness, compassion, resilience, confidence, friendliness are just a few of the things I think make up "happiness"

1 of the 4 pillars to healthy development are:  Healthy relationships with adults and peers.  Healthy means a loving heart and mind.  Let's start connecting the two.