Connections in the Community

Yesterday my friend and I decided to go for a skate on a local lake.  We tied up our skates and searched for the most perfect spot.  There were so many families and people on there; shoveling, shooting pucks, skating, walking/running with their dogs and observers. 

I love the feel of the fresh air in my lungs, but what I love most is being a part of a community.  In that moment, we are all sharing a space, and a moment.  We may not know one another, but we are together. 

While skating on our "patch" Brandon, Ryan and his dad Raj joined us.  While Dad put on his skates and the boys skated around they offered me a hockey stick.  Of course,  I jumped at the opportunity to join the boys.  This was an activity I loved doing with my foster boys 15 years ago.  We passed, shot the puck and enjoyed ourselves. 

At one point, Brandon held up the stick as though it was rifle and aimed it at his Dad.  Nothing was said, however later on as I was skating with the boys, Dad said to me " I regret getting the boys video games." 

My response was " You get to monitor the amount of screen time, because you are the parent and you love them and want what is best for their health."  I continued to skate.  I also added " Screen time can affect healthy brain development".  "Do you hear that", Dad said to his son, "Video games are not good for you, like I said and you need to get outside more."  A few minutes later I approached Brandon, he was the youngest of the two brothers and said "Are you happy to be here on the ice and being outside?"  He looked up and smiled and said "Yes".  His eyes met mine and we smiled and skated together a few moments more. 

There are times that we will support one another and should have fun and learning moments.  These moments naturally occur and if you really listen and observe what is happening around you, you can make a difference. 

Life is about living, breathing in the air, being active, building relationships and community.  Try not to complicate life too much. 

For more information on how screen time can impact the brain, please visit;


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