During the last few months, I have been incredibly open to exploring and learning about how I contribute and learn from the people that I am surrounded by. 

We are all faced with challenges!  They all look different but each one of us has had experiences that have impacted us.  Some of us learn over time how to implement new approaches, but for most of us it takes practice, perseverance and focus to understand how to create change or strength.  Creating a strong vision on how we see ourselves in the future, means we have to DREAM!   Weathering through challenges deepen trust in ourselves and others.

Dreaming means we have to put ourselves first and imagine ourselves in a peaceful and joyful place!  It means that we are living fully and completely in the NOW and have people around us to support us through the vulnerable moments.  WE just have to ask for help and love!  Most of us continue to push through life with this complacent approach with no need to change or enhance our interpersonal skills. 

I would like to say that if we collaborated, listened to understand and loved one another a bit more, we would have more of impact on our lives and the children in our world. 

Let's be critical thinkers and push ourselves to know what our strengths are and our worth.   We are not lucky, we are blessed with moments that can be more than challenges or "Hard".  Let them be moments where you look at them as an innocent child.   Be gentle with yourself, cry, laugh, dance, scream....do whatever you need to in that moment!  These moments deepen loyalty and love for yourself and those around you!   Allow someone to show Compassion and Nurture you. 

Celebrate Endurance and welcome the storms because you are the Captain of your Ship....

Paula MilbradtComment