Connect the heart

I had two very interesting conversations with an Early Childhood Educator professional and an RCMP officer.  One shared how she pairs students in her class room together to support a new addition.  The other discussion was about how inmates who were given the opportunity to support another inmate in a course,  how their sense of worth and personal lives flourished and they were able to completely change their lifestyle.

Connecting or pairing adults to support one another leads to healthy attachments and change within both people invested. 

Why is this?  We are born with empathy and compassion for others and ourselves.  It is how we are raised that influences how we show up for ourselves, but because of this innate notion to build healthy relationships, we rise to the occasion when asked to help another person. 

Helping doesn't mean that you have to go out of your way to do something for reward. Helping or kindness comes from compassion and that we all have a genuine concern for the welfare of others.  We want to give gentle attention in simple ways that bring others happiness. 

Social connections are about giving back to someone else by bridging a relationship that supports and helps them in an area that they may be challenged by.  When we give to others, there is a sense of accomplishment and joy.

When we allow children the opportunity to do this at home or in care ( daycare or school ) we will see a drastic shift in how they view themselves as a person.

Random acts of kindness are great, however, I believe that if we offer ways that children ( and adults)  can demonstrate kindness daily they will flourish mentally and physically.  The planet will also be nourished as well!   

Compassion, kindness and empathy is happening globally right now!  Look for it and you will find it. 

Paula Milbradt