Today I choose you!!! (#PYPD)

The last few weeks have inspired me to share my truest connection to why I advocate for Self - Esteem, Self - Care and the importance of connections!

I started Empowermil because I truly made the connection between Healthy loving attachments and Healthy brain development. I saw the importance between relationships and how to strengthen not only your relationship with self, but how you impact another’s development and love for themselves !

Caring is act of giving Tender love and attention to the people and things that matter to us! Does your cell phone mean more to you then the person in front of you? Children more than ever need to be seen and heard! They are most vulnerable population and they are in need of your CARE, acts of kindness and LOVE! I have seen so many people choosing to interact with their phones rather than the children in front of them. This is causing an increase in isolation and emotional immaturity, and self - identity!!!! Who are they in Your EGO centered World? Do they matter… you think that they can distinguish between a phone and love?

Children, like all of us need a heart and mind connection that is about engagement, conversation and movement! More children are alone than ever! This is increasing depression, anxiety and mental illness!

17 years ago, I started to advocate for children in adverse situations like neglect, emotional abuse, sexual and physical abuse!!! I choose to make a difference by sharing with others the importance of the Heart and mind.

There are so many leaders in the community that are mindful and AWARE of the current issues….We are all capable and loving beings who are empathetic!

Find your empathy and CARE and you will naturally know what needs to be done!

Caring is a gift from your heart to theirs!!!