Community and Connection

Tonight as I took a walk in my neighbourhood, I approached a woman and her dog. She was fully engaged with her phone and didn’t see me. I said “Hello” as a way to say “I am here” and to alert her. Her dog did lunge at me, and I replied with “ you are on your phone and unaware of who is around you.” The reason I said this was to lead with a strong statement that means to me: Be present! At the next intersection there was a 4 way stop. The car proceeded to drive even though I was about to cross and then the alternate car proceeded through the intersection and almost hit me.

Please be Present and aware of your surroundings. We are all important and have places to be, but when did we stop Being Courteous? Courtesy is a very important Virtue that we must maintain.

Treat others with Kindness and tact. Take time and see people in your “space” and speak to one another. Greet your neighbours and Value yourself and those around you.

I believe that if we continue on this path of self service and stress, we will see more fatalities, accidents and our children will become desensitized.

Please be Mindful of how you show up and connect to those in your Community. Connection and Community is one of our Innate needs of survival.