I often meet people who inspire me to write blogs so I wanted to give thanks to a man that shared his story with me and inspired this blog. 

Abandonment creates a lot of issues for people, and at times the issues run so deep that it is hard to realize that is why we show up for ourselves and others. 

Acceptance is key to a healthy sense of self worth and being.  Studies show that the heart and mind must feel secure and have a sense of belonging.  This virtue of acceptance fosters love for self, others, respect and integrity.  When we have been offered love and acceptance our ability to have faith within and in others is evident.    

I believe we often don't allow ourselves the opportunity to be vulnerable, ask for help and or admit that we are struggling so we wear "masks".  WE stay stuck in a past life experience or experiences and we pretend that we are "fine" but truly we are hurting.  I believe that we then teach children to do the same.

Be grateful for who you are!  Celebrate your uniqueness and the purity of who you are, because there is no one like you. 

I made an analogy:  When the snow came the other day; I commented to the same man that inspired me to write this blog;  that he could make snow angels and have some fun!  His response was to add colour to the angels by spray painting them with vibrant colours. 

The purity of the snow is evident, but why do we feel we need to add colour to something that is already so beautiful in it's truest most natural form?  We could add to the angel by seeking other natural items that are around such as sticks or rocks but why add anything at all.  It is so perfect just as it is! 

This man struggles with self love and acceptance.  He was abandoned as a young person and throughout his early years was left to fend for himself. Every story may be different but we all have stories that shape us and our decisions.  Being self aware is the first step to finding inner peace.  He preserved through life and is successful, yet is still searching for contentment. 

Allow your children the opportunity to feel accepted, value their play and exploration, less is more and celebrate their unique beautiful souls! 


Paula MilbradtComment