Happy Valentine's Day!!!

How do you participate in this holiday?  I love the idea that people will take the time and share how they feel about the person that they are offering a valentine's day card to and how children will be allowed to offer a card to others within their classroom.  It isn't about the card…..children love the idea that they are "GIVING" something to someone and by doing so it will make someone else happy.  EMPATHY

I struggle with the consumerism part of this holiday, so I suggest to educators and parents to allow the children to create a meaningful card on their own that highlights something that they like or notice about the receiver of their card.  This fosters generosity, creativity, memory and empathy in our children. 

Somegreat books to share with children are "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein and "A Chair for my mother" by Vera Williams

Sharing cards or notes with one another is such a lovely way of expressing how you feel and I believe that this can be incorporated into the daily routines and rituals of your day.   Every day when I sign off an email to my mother there is always an " I love you" and some x's and o's (xoxo)  It becomes a way for me to share how I feel about her and my father.  I know she feels my love for her in her heart and mind, however, it is feels good in my heart and mind to share with her. 

A loving ritual is something that an adult does routinely with their child or children in their care.  It offers security and meaning and builds or fosters a healthy attachment. 

I also practice gratitude daily.  I choose at least 3 things that I am grateful for.  Those 3 things are what I think about before I close my eyes and drift off into a deep slumber.  Gratitude fosters happiness and love within and that is truly the best gift we can give to our children and ourselves. 

When we foster generosity within our children and their lives we are:

Enhancing their willingness to share with others

Supporting them to give freely and fully

Supporting them to listen to others opinions with openness and receptivity

Allowing them the opportunity to receive all what life has to offer

Have a loving, generous day!!!


Paula Milbradt